Noorden Renovation

It has already been 50 years ago since Het Noorden opened its doors again after a big renovation. To make sure Het Noorden will be ready for another 50 years of Noorden evenings and Barbaraborrels, another big renovation will be taking place in the beginning of 2022. During this renovation we want to improve the following:

  • Replace the whole roof to make it more soundproof and fire resistant.
  • Install a new kitchen to make it gas free and to provide you with even better Noordenhappen and BarbaraBorrel meals.
  • Change the whole airflow systems.
  • Upgrade our ancient beer cooling system.
  • And many more improvements to make Het Noorden more sustainable.
The old bar of Het Noorden (1968)

Unfortunately this won’t be cheap and that is why we ask for a financial donation of you. The total the cost of the renovation is estimated to be €95000 (Tax Included). Of course various gifts will be given for the amount donated. In the table below an overview can be seen:

“Study Beer”Noorden Socks€ 50,-
“Vaasje” Noorden Socks + Engraved Glass tankard€ 100,-
“Groot Bier” Noorden Socks + Engraved Stone tankard € 250,-
“De Stiefel” Noorden Socks + Engraved Metal tankard € 500,-
“De Yard” Noorden Socks + Engraved Metal tankard
+ Delfts Blue Noorden Tile
€ 750,-
“Het Fust” Noorden Socks + Engraved Metal tankard
+ Delfts Blue Noorden Tile + Eternal Glory
Open category

People who donate €250 or more will also be given a special nametag on the “penningenboard” which will be given a special location in Het Noorden. At the reopening of Het Noorden in October 2022 all sponsors will get exclusive entrance.

Donations can be done to the following account or with the QR Code.

Name: Stichting Erfgoed Mijnbouwkunde Delft IBAN: NL 40 RABO 0371 3455 02

The Erfgoed Mijnbouwkunde Delft (EMD) has an official “Culturele ANBI”- status (Reference: Kvk nr. 64762467) Which means donations to the EMD have a special tax regulation, for more information go to: Erfgoed Mijnbouwkunde Delft.

Want to know the current amount we already collected and how much more we will need to renovate Het Noorden? Click here!