‘Het Noorden’

Sociëteit-Café ‘Het Noorden’

In the thirties, after lectures, hard workings students often went to “Het Noorden” at Noordeinde 2 in Delft to drink some beers. In 1937 this tradition grew into a weekly event. Every Wednesday the miners went through many barrels. After the death of the owner, Jan Garos, the MV were the ones exploiting “Het Noorden”. For example, in 1966 the Mining Society became the first and only study association in the Netherlands with its own café. Nowadays, several drinks take place in “The North”. There are, for example, the traditional North Evenings, the Barbaradrinks and graduation drinks, all tapped by the North-Commissioners (NoCo). The NoCo ensures that during the drinks the beer flows richly in the beautiful mining café and the hectolitre discount is achieved. For the active stand of the hectolitre discount clickhere.

Het Noorden

Café Het Noorden

Sociëteit-café “Het Noorden”
Noordeinde 2
2611 KH Delft

For questions contact the Beheerder.

E-mail: Beheerder-MV@tudelft.nl
Tel.: 015-2786039