Guilds of the Delft Mining Association

Swimmers’ Guild

The Swimmers’ Guild consists of gentlemen who like nothing more than to take a plunge in some body of water, be it in a canal, the ocean, a subterranean lake or a jacuzzi. Traditional Swimmers’ Guild activities include the New Year’s Dive. Membership is only available for second-years’ students and older!

Cigar Guild ‘Die Elephanten’

A select group of mining students with a predilection for smoking cigars form the Cigar Guild ‘Die Elephanten’. The Elephanten regularly come together in ‘Het Noorden’ to collectively enjoy a sizable cloud of smoke.

Rowers’ Guild

Each year a team of mining students takes part in the Ringvaart Regatta, an annual 100-km rowing marathon from Leiden to Delft. Incidentally the rowing location will be elsewhere, such as at the Vogalonga in Venice. The participants in these competitions are members of the Rowers’ Guild.

‘Geuzen’ Guild

In 2009 the Geuzen Guild was founded. This guild consists of students who have participated in the legendary annual sport tournament with the Camborne School of Mines in England. This tournament is alternately hosted in Delft or in Camborne and consists of a rugby event, a hockey event and a swimming event.

Mining Womens’ Guild

Since the number of women in the MV have risen a lot, is was time to create a Mining Womens’ Guild in 2011. The women are welcome from their second year onwards after an inauguration. Activities like lectures en small trips are on our agenda, with only one theme that truely matters: the more pink there is, the better it gets.


Wine Association

The Mijnbouwkundige Vereeniging also has a Wine association which has as her activities wine tastings. If you’re invited you will try a nice wine in the bar ‘Het Noorden’.