Bachelor Study Trip

At the end of February the Bachelor Study Trip took place. This excursion is organized for the third year and older bachelor students who are still in doubt about their choice of master track. The excursion took the 36 students to Napoli and Rome. In Napoli they’ve had an interesting guided tour in the underground system which had several functions since its construction. Of course when in Italy as a mining student they couldn’t skip a visit to the Vesuvius! (see picture below).
The excursion was organized by three motivated students: Tim Hacking, Caroline Zaal and Thomas Visser. A big thanks to them for the energy they’ve put in the organization, which made this trip to a big success! Of course also a big thanks to Giovanni Bertotti. Professor Bertotti joined the students on the trip and his knowledge about Italy and the geology were very useful! Of course the trip wasn’t possible without all the help from the University Fund!

Students on the Vesuvius