Applied Earth Sciences in its current form has its roots in 1905, when the TH Delft and with it the department of Chemistry and Mining were founded. In 1912 Mining became an independent department with its own accommodation at the Mijnbouwstraat 120.

Since that time a lot has changed. The main focus of the study has continually shifted; from exploitation and processing of solid ores in the beginning, to the exploration and production of petroleum and natural gas since the 70’s. Since 1975 there have been five different Master’s tracks which still exist: Resource Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Applied Geophysics, Geoscience & Remote Sensing and Engineering Geology. Even the name has continually changed: from ‘Mining’ in the beginning, to ‘Mining and Petroleum Engineering’, to the current name ‘Applied Earth Sciences’. Additionally, there have been significant changes in recent years to the educational program, such as the implementation of the bachelor-minor structure, the ‘harde knip’ (bachelor before master rule) and binding recommendation on continuation of studies for the first year students.

However, the most substantial change has undoubtedly been the move, in january 2007, from the old building at the Mijnbouwstraat. This meant that a lot of the history attached to the old building had to be left behind. Nevertheless the unique atmosphere has remained even in the new building at the Stevinweg.

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