• Dean
  • Director of Education
  • Director of Studies
  • Head of Department
  • Managementteam
  • Education and Student Affairs
  • Facility Management


Professor Jan Dirk Jansen was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences with effect from 1 May 2018. The dean is the manager of the faculty and does the general leading of this. He regularly has meetings with representatives of groups outside and inside the faculty. Such as the FSC (Faculty Student Council) and the Executive Board. The dean sets up several rules and regulations, such as the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER).

Director of Education

In direct contact with the dean is the director of Education. There is one director of Education for both studies; Civil Engineering and Applied Earth Sciences. The director of Education is responsible for the dean, as well as the quality of education of the faculty. He or she is especially responsible for the organisation of the quality control, the curriculum, education policy and the budget of the studies.

Director of Studies

AES has his own director of Studies, this is Drs. J.C. Blom. The director of Studies is named by the dean and his or her main task is the organisation of the education of the study. The director of Studies makes decisions about the educational changes of different departments, using the Educational Rules and Regulations. He or she does this in consultation with the Head of Department.

Head of Department

The head of Department of Geotechnology is Prof.Dr.Ir. T.J. Heimovaara. He is leading the entire department in every aspect. He is responsible for the business operations of the department using the rules and procedures set by the dean. He is responsible for the care of the department in the fields of planning and control, education and research and financial and employee management.


The dean, director of Studies, director of Education and the head of the Departments together make part of the Managementteam of the faculty. The Managementteam meets every month to discuss the important faculty issues.

Facility Management

The Facility Management is responsible for all the logistics in the faculty, such as the study places, vending machines, bicycle storage, room rental etc. The head of FM CITG is Maarten van der Toorn. FM can be found near the servicepoint.