Apart from the board, which deals with all the general organisational matters, the MV has several committees which are responsible for separate parts of the Association. Each committee is supervised by a representative from the Board (the QQ).


The Lustrum Committee will organise the lustrum in November 2021.

F.l.t.r. Alonso Ocampo, Gertjan Postema, Jessie Sap (QQ), Max de Jonge, Melissa Markus, Anna Gatti



The members of the NRC form the editorial staff of the magazine Natural Resource.  The Natural Resource is an MV-publication which is published four times annually and sent free of charge to all the members of the Association.

F.l.t.r. Kadir Ahmed, William Horeman (QQ), Mariëlle van Mourik Broekman, Sterre Brouns, Kaj Abildgaard, Yashasvi Aggerwal


Yearbook Committee

The yearbook committee is responsible for creating the yearbook. This yearbook will be published in November of 2021 during the Lustrum. Hear any funny MV-quotes? Don’t forget to put them in the Varia-box.

F.l.t.r. Tu Vi Nguyen, Anna Bazarova, Luka Pikulic, Maria Erica Biagini, Bob van Daal



The members of the NoCo (‘Noorden Committee’) ensure an abundant flow of beer in ‘Het Noorden’. During regular Wednesday evenings they’ll make sure the members are playing games together. On countless other social events in the beautiful Mining Café they are behind the bar to serve the drinks. In addition, under supervision of the Warden, they keep themselves busy with the practical maintenance of ‘Het Noorden’.

F.l.t.r. Thom van der Ven, Berend Pentinga, Dunya Schotman, Mathias Ruhe, Milan Louter, Sophie Thomas, Lars Feitz, Annique Godschalk



The STARO consists of a group of BSc.-students from all three years who come together to talk about all matters regarding education. Subjects that are discussed  include the scheduling of practicals and exams, the availability of study material and the evaluation results of certain classes and exams.



The SpoCo is responsible for organizing all kinds of sports activities during the year like the MV-cup, the Batavierenrace and many more!


F.l.t.r. Rik Hoedemaker, Michaja van Capel, Fernando Sepulveda, Max de Jonge, Annabel Rijsenbrij



The Studytrip Committee organises a trip for bachelorstudents that are third years or older students. This study trip is a four-day excursion abroad during which students can orientate themselves on the different mastertracks they can choose after their bachelorprogramme.

V.l.n.r: Guus Coumans, Tom Reurink, Loes Vogelaar, Femke Graveland


External Commissie

The External Committee organizes the Company Days that take place in the first two weeks of december. Companies from different sectors give presentations and organise interviews at our faculty. Besides this, the External Committee takes care of the funding of the Mijnbouwkundige Vereeniging.

F.l.t.r: Jolijn Hiemstra, Leon Ursem, Daniël Ernste (QQ), Berend Bouvy



The Mooie Mannenkalender Committee is responsible for creating the mining calender which is filled with beautifull men.

L.f.t.r: Claire Mulder (QQ), Schlagha Thapa, Joris van Dijk, Marjolein Visser, Fenna van Aarle


The Rally Committee is organizing a rally again this year on the 23th and 24th of April. There will be a rally during the day and it will end at a location with dinner and gala!

V.l.n.r: Hanneke Tiktak (QQ), Laura van Klaveren, Carleyn den Ouden, Max de Jonge, Julia Kraus, Quinten Bosch van Drakestein