For companies

The main goals of the association are to promote the study, create ties between the students, alumni and companies and to allow for personal development. The association has 550 student members and 1150 so-called ‘extraordinary members’ (alumni and staff members).

The External Committee is responsible for contact with the companies, the Company Presentations, sponsoring and other events/services listed below. You can contact the External Committee at the following e-mail address:

Company Days

Every year, the MV, the External Committee, organizes the Company Days. Companies from the fields of Applied Earth Sciences and all disciplines concerning AES, visit the faculty at the TU Delft and give presentations for the students during the lunch break or after classes. The presentations are followed by a social event, such as a buffet, lunch or drinks, to allow for informal contact with the students. The presentations are usually held in the first two weeks of December.
Since the past years, the MV also offers the possibility for having on-campus interviews. The External Committee arranges the facilities, promotion and registration. The on-campus interviews have proven to be a great success and in the past two years, more than half of the students have chosen their job through this service.

Yearbook and Periodical magazine

Every three months, the magazine ‘Natural Resource’ is published and sent to all MV members. Once every year a Yearbook is published. Both the yearbook and Natural Resource are sent to 550 students and 1150 alumni of the MV. Companies have the possibility to sponsor a page in the yearbook or magazine and thereby creating publicity for the company under all members of the MV.


The MV organizes several excursions. The most career-relevant excursions are the Second Years’ Excursion and the BSc study trip.  During these excursions, BSc students do a tour of companies relevant to the various Master’s tracks. A lot of the students base their choice of a Master’s track within Applied Earth Sciences on these experiences. The companies that are visited vary every year. If you are interested in such a company visit or you’re interested in having your logo on the excursion sweaters, please feel free to contact the commissioner of education: