Information for future students

If you’re going to study Applied Earth Sciences you will immediately get in touch with the MV. In the weekend before the OWEE (introduction week) in August we will leave on an excursion with all new students! This excursion is called the “Freshmen excursion” and every year the AES freshmen come along full of enthusiasm. During the Freshmen excursion we will visit several companies in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. You will get a good overview of where you might end up after your studies and this is the ideal chance to get to know your fellow freshmen!

It is strongly recommended by the department of Geosciences and Engineering to participate in this excursion!

Soon, you will be able to subscribe yourself for this excursion through the OWEE website. Make sure you do this as soon as possible, we have a maximum of 110 participants! If you have any trouble registering or have any questions, please send an e-mail to

Tijdens de Nuldejaarsexcursie bezoek je o.a. deze bruinkoolmijn in Duitsland

During the freshmen excursion you will visit a lignite mine

Almost all students become a member of the MV in their first year. This illustrates the bond between all miners, because not all study associations achieve a high level of participation. The combination between being a small association and the living history of mining in The Netherlands, our own pub “Het Noorden” and the association as a whole creates a special bond between students, alumni and the staff of our faculty.

Membership of the MV costs only €12 per year as a student. In exchange,  you will get, besides the opportunity to participate in any MV activity, our magazine “Natural Resource” four times a year and four times every five years our yearbook. But, membership of the MV also holds free access to our pub “Het Noorden” on every Wednesday during the Noordenevening, the possibility to join us on excursions, parties and seminars and all other services we provide, like the selling of study books (with a discount) and access to our online exam archive.

Besides all this, the MV also organizes a number of activities especially for freshmen like the freshmen trip, a parents day, freshmen drinks with presentations with numerous subjects and a performance trip in the fourth period, for the students that are still in the running to succeed in all their courses of the first year. You can always come to our commissioner of education with all your complaints and questions about our education.

We hope to meet you next year if you start the study ‘Applied Earth Sciences’!