About the MV

De Mijnbouwkundige Vereeniging is the student association of the Applied Earth Sciences at the Technical University of Delft.

Applied Earth Sciences

Almost every student of Applied Earth Sciences is a member of the Mijnbouwkundige Vereeniging, which gives the association a strong position within the faculty. With questions and complaints about education, students can go to the Education Commissioner. He is also responsible for the mentor system of the association which is set up in cooperation with the academic adviser. Furthermore, the Commissioner of Education is present at several meetings with for example the Faculty Student Council and the Commission of Education. In this way the opinion of students is always represented.


The MV organizes numerous activities for its members: Bachelor students, Master students and PhD students. There are also some activities organized for alumni and staff. A number of excursions take place every year: the zero excursion takes place in advance of the introduction week of Delft. During this excursion the new students will visit some companies and get to know something about geology during a walk. The Secondyear Exursion takes place in February and is a week full of company visits. The aim of the excursion is to show the possibilities of every master track. Besides the MV is responsible for plenty of other activities such as barbecues, lectures, and every 2.5 years a Lustrum or Half Lustrum which includes a symposium.

Center of many activities is our own pub ‘het Noorden’ in the center of Delft. Besides the regular Noorden evening, which takes place every Wednesday, there is a Barbaraborrel every first Friday of the month. This drink is for alumni, MSc students and faculty staff, and promotes contact between both the alumni and the students.

At fixed periods during the year the MV organizes company visits to the faculty. Companies from a particular specialization visit the faculty and give a presentation on the opportunities for students of Applied Earth Sciences, sometimes followed by an interview session. The Company Visits are mainly aimed at MSc-students, who often find a suitable job thanks to these visits.